Surprise + Delight

YouTube Logos

Interactive, Illustration

YouTube’s Tumblr is exactly what you’d expect it to be; a ton of gifs with the most obscure YouTube content you can find. As an added layer of entertainment, a floating YouTube logo (also known as a the YouTube “lozenge”) drifts atop all content. When the user clicks on the logo a randomized themed YouTube play button swaps out.


YouTube Tumblr


Upon landing, a masonry grid displays curated featuring the most gifs showcasing the most recent and obscure YouTube videos. 


A default YouTube logo is displayed and as a user clicks, the easter egg reveals a random logo upon each click.


Clicking into a Tumblr post accesses its detail page with the focus on the content. The YouTube logo easter egg receeds.


Art Direction, Illustration


Big Spaceship, 2015


Matthew Ballew, Production + Accounts · James Schumacher, Design

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