Solving a Global Identity Crisis

The Guggenheim

Site Redesign

The Guggenheim is a global art museum institute with locations in New York, Venice, Bilbao, and Abu Dhabi. The challenge was to completly redesign to their existing site and push the visual aesthetic, originally designed by Pentagram in 2008.

With much thorough research with analytics and strategy, our team at Big Spaceship set out to accomplish a couple major challenges, striking a balance in putting visitors first, and creating a destination as a digital museum and encouraging exploration.


Areas of Focus

Visitors First

Utility & Accessibility

Created and organized to be intuitive while the primary focus is centered on visitor relationships, content is easily accessible and integrated across one global umbrella and brand image. Visitors are presented key information (and catered information when mobile location targeting is active) with easy gateways to spend hours within the Guggenheim’s rich and diverse content on all devices. 

A part of the constellation

Digital Museum

Many visitors around the world unable to experience the opportunity of visiting a brick-and-mortar Guggenheim location. Easy gateways were created to encourage exploration of the current exhibitions on view as well as the rich archival content which dates back to the 1930’s. An immersive experience showcases artwork as the physical museums do.

Inside + Out

The Guggenheim Brand

This long overdue redesign brings the institution into modernity, as the website was previously branded and designed by Pentagram. The design is much deeper than just the visuals, but also trickles down to the brand strategy and hierarchy of the innerworkings of the Guggenheim Institution. The limitations of the redesign were to maintain and stay true to the brand and utilizing both the Guggenheim logo and its’ typeface, Verlag.


A dashboard serves as a dynamic program of what’s happening in New York. Featured on this tab is current events, exhibitions, and open/closed sections of the Solomon R. Guggenheim location.


Destinations not needed for the normal visitor live here. To achieve praticality with a touch of fun, a collection roulette at that encourages visitors to “see another” piece of artwork and and from there the visitor can navigate to the online collection.


A myriad of events take place daily at the Guggenheim, ranging from recurring events, one-off events, and everything in between.

Other Thoughts


Design lead, UI/interactive design, brand design


Big Spaceship, 2014 – 2015


Dabney Donigan, Strategy / UX / Design Support · Elisa Penello, Design · Jason Permenter, Design Director · Chris Fahey, UX Director · Kat Sekar, Analytics · Lesley Melincoff, Production · Grace McCants, Production

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