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At Big Spaceship, we take our culture and our manual pretty seriously. To escape the winter blues around Big Spaceship I teamed up with coworker and friend, Brittney Kernan, to create a platform for coworkers to collect and confess their true feelings for one another. 

The application is visually reminiscent of the 90’s, complete with Comic Sans accompanied by poor color choices, and randomly horridly beautiful graphics.


Upon landing, each crew member accesses their inbox using a a unique username and passcode provided on a sticky note at each person’s terminal.


Upon logging in, a user immediately retrieves a tailored compliment, depending on the crew member’s personality and/or discipline. The user can access his inbox and create a love note to another crew member.


A crew member can create their own love note to be delivered to their favorite coworker.


The tone of voice is nostalgic of grade school years.

Love Notes


A database compiles the initial and newly created compliments.

The Response & Celebration

Deployment breakfast with my partner in crime.


Design Direction, Curation, Copywriting




Brittney KernanDevelopment

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